11th FreedomGate Pakistan Alumni Meeting

Veröffentlicht am 12. September 2013
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Understanding Change – Protecting Rights – Shaping the Future
11th FreedomGate Pakistan Alumni Meeting

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom” a well said quote by Malcom X. Similarly, FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) is striving for individual freedoms in Pakistan. It is an alumni association of those graduates who have attended seminars and trainings on different issues of leadership and liberal philosophy i.e human rights, freedom of information, strategic planning, good governance and political leadership. Since 2002, people have been chosen and sent to Gummersbach, Germany to be enrolled in FNF’s International Academy of Leadership (IAF). After their return from IAF they become member of FreedomGate Pakistan a liberal alumni association which works under the motto “Liberty with Responsibility”.

Every year the avant-gardes of liberal association meet to strengthen the fellowship and shape an outlook and working strategy for the next year. After completing first decade of freedom companionship, this year the FreedomGater arranged the eleventh annual alumni get together in Murree. Libertarian associates of FGP came from across the Pakistan to join this event eagerly, as the event has had a special significance. At the same time, FNF completed its fifty years of international work; the work which was started in 1963 outside Germany now has a worldwide outreach. Therefore, the theme of alumni meeting “Understanding Change – Protecting Rights – Shaping the Future” was the same as theme of FNF’s fifty year celebrations.

Another reason which added overwhelming factor in this get together was Olaf Kellerhoff’s farewell as a Resident Representative of FNF Pakistan and special participation of Maria Schneider, Project Manager FNF South Asia, who travelled all the way from India to join alumni cum farewell meeting. The combination of all these special reasons turned the alumni meeting into a memorable gathering. Liberal avant-gardes, who were unable to attend the meeting sent, special greetings and well wishes for outgoing Resident Representative.

The overall programme of the alumni meeting was designed with different interactive sessions which not only engaged the participants intellectually, but also gave them a chance to build their capacity through different moderation techniques. Like every previous meeting, the get together was a combination of seniors and new comers, who recently became member of FGP association.

On one hand the new members got chance to familiarize with the senior members of alumni association, and on the other hand both seniors and juniors shared their experiences with their own spectrum on different political and social issues. The one special thing which makes FreedomGate association a different alumni association is that, its members represent all walks of life i.e Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, siting and former Parliamentarians, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Teachers, Journalists, Bankers, People from development sector and Bureaucrats brand this fellowship one of the rare liberal community in Pakistan.

Javed, a provincial legislature from Punjab Assembly, said while sharing her views “FreedomGate Pakistan gave me a life changing exposure through political leadership trainings where I enhanced my leadership skills, which really helped me out to present myself as a mature political leader” She further mentioned “I would really like to see the growth of FreedomGate family, as it provides the best platform for networking with variety of learned members.”
Saad Sikandar, a bureaucrat, who drove his car for 16 hours and travelled all the way from Gilgit said “FGP is now one of my prior and essential commitment to attend annually. I look forward throughout the year to attend this liberal association” he additionally said “Due to bad weather my booked flight got cancelled, therefore I decided to come by road and drove for 16 hours to be the part of this aspiring get together”.

Every year FreedomGate Pakistan welcomes new members’ whole heartedly and accepts them with their inspirational role to spread liberal values in their own spheres. FreedomGate Pakistan is a thriving association of liberal avant-gardes deepening its roots with every passing day, and aspiring to Pakistan to strive for a liberal solution of its social and political problems.

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